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Some personal data and pictures of Gergely Záruba.

Gergely was born in the early 1970s in Budapest, Hungary; he has a brother Károly jr. an Electronic Engineer/MBA. Father Károly is a retired college professor of electrical engineering. Mother Ildikó is a retired mathematician and software engineer. Gergely is married to Rózsa a finance Ph.D. A.B.D. They have two daughters: Illangó "Timilla" Timea, and Iringó Kamilla. Illangó is an old Hungarian fairy name describing a quickly moving fairy (hopefully, this is not predestination for future troubles). Timea is a name coined by famous Hungarian author Jókai Mór (and Timilla comes from combining the two names). Both Iringó (eryngium campestre) and Kamilla (chamomile) are names of herbal flowers. Gergely and his family live in Fort Worth, Texas.

Gergely and his wife Rózsa can be seen in this wedding picture. You can see a picture Gergely with both daughters when clicking here. Rózsa's mother, Gergely's mother, Gergely, Rózsa, Gergely's father and Rózsa's father (in the above order) can be seen in this picture taken in Transylvania (no, nobody in the picture is a vampire).



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