Programming Languages

class number: 23969

Spring 2008 (first day of class: Jan. 15th)
Tuesday/Thursday, 3:30 - 4:50pm, GACB 105

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Instructor: Chengkai Li

Assistant Instructor: Weimin He

Course Description

To analyze and evaluate important features found in a variety of programming languages, to study formalisms for specifying language syntax and semantics, and to gain understanding of the important programming language paradigms.




All the assignments (HW, MP, ES) must be done independently, although discussions are allowed.

Note: The essay assignment will count for the ABET requirements for written communication. You must get a passing score (37.5) for the essay in order to satisfy ABET requirement. If a student does not demonstrate timely achievement of the assessment and would otherwise pass the course, then the student will receive a grade of incomplete (I) for the course until such time when the assessment instrument is satisfactorily complete. The student will be allowed to re-attempt demonstration of satisfactory completion during the next offering of the course. In such case, certain penalty will be given when calculating the final course grade.


Lecture notes will be posted online. Students are strongly encouraged to attend classes and actively participate in discussions. Don't hesitate to raise questions in lectures.


Read the textbook and extra readings before lectures, and study them carefully after class. Please note that all the required readings are fair materials for exams. These materials may not be fully covered in lectures.


Stay tuned and make sure to check the announcements page frequently. Important announcements will be posted there.

Assignments and Deadlines


Scores of HWs, MPs, ESs, and Exams will be posted on WebCT, announcements will be made on the announcements page. After the scores are announced, you have 7 days to request for regrade, by contacting the TA (office hours or email). Note that we will regrade every question/component in the assignment, and the resulting score can be either higher or lower than the original score. If you are not satisfied by the regrade result, you may make petition to the instructor, and the decision will be final.

Before you request for regrading, make sure to compare your answer with the solution. In your request, explicitly point out why you think you should get more points.


The WebCT page is http://www.uta.edu/webct. Use your NetID and password to login. The item "Start Here!" links to WebCT tutorials. Please consult them for help if necessary. Try to post a message in "Junk". Let me know if there is any problem. We use WebCT for the following activities:

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Ethics Policies and Academic Integrity

The College cannot and will not tolerate any form of academic dishonesty by its students. This includes, but is not limited to cheating on examinations, plagiarism, or collusion (explained in the document below).

Students are required to read the following document carefully, sign it, return the signed copy to the instructor, and keep a copy for their own records. Hardcopies of this document will be provided to the students in the first class, and also can be picked up in the instructor's office. If you print by yourself, please make it double-sided.

Statement on Ethics, Professionalism, and Conduct for Engineering Students

Students with Disabilities

If you require accommodation based on disability, I would like to meet with you in the privacy of my office during the first week of the semester to ensure that you are appropriately accommodated. Please read the page of the office for students with disabilities.