MSLO-JS: Multi-SLO-Guaranteed per-Job Scheduling in Datacenters

This project aims at developing a novel approach, called Multi-SLO guaranteed per-Job Scheduling in datacenters (MSLO-JS). MSLO-JS explores foundational principles to establish a sound theoretical foundation. Which is a first yet crucial step, towards a comprehensive solution for per-job scheduling and resource allocation with guaranteed SLOs.

The project is funded by NSF under award CCF XPS-1629625.



WHOLEPRO: An Online, Holistic Job Scheduling and Resource Provisioning Framework for Datacenter Architectures and Applications

The project goal is to develop solutions for datacenters which will provide user-centric services that meet diverse user Quality-of-Experience (QoE) requirements for individual customers, while allowing for user-utility aware fair resource allocation.

The project is funded by NSF under award CCF SHF-1704504.



PACCP: Price-based, Quality-of-Service (QoS) Aware Transport Protocols for Datacenters

This project goal is to develop a highly scalable, readily implementable, price-aware, host-based flow control solution, possibly with minimum assistance from top-of-rack (ToR) switches for performance enhancement.

The project is funded by Alibaba Group.



Data De-duplication in Distributed Object Storage Systems Used for Cold Storage

This project goal is to study new technologies to enhance the storage efficiency in modern storage systems. We have been investigating various methods to achieve our goal. Data de-duplication and erasure coding are the current focus areas.

The project is supported by NetApp.