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About us

Welcome to the MAST Data Laboratory. Our name stands for Mining and Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Data, which is currently our primary focus. We Started this group in 2014 with a focus on Spatio-Temporal and Spatio-Temporal Data mining and Analysis as well as modeling, storage and indexing.

MAST members

However, we do research in many areas of databases and data mining. We are part of Computer Science and Enigineering Department at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Some of our current research projects and research areas that we are currently involved with are the following:

  1. Trajectory analysis and mining, including trajectory clustering and directional analysis.
  2. Spatial and spatio-temporal data modeling, analysis, and mining.
  3. Enhanced and recommendation systems utilizing spatial.
  4. Multi-density spatial clustering algorithm.
  5. Prediction of spatio-temporal object location.
  6. Indexing methods for spatio-temporal data.
  7. Converting raw data into meaningful ontology concept.
  8. Utilizing distributed processing for big data (map-reduce, other distributed technologies)
  9. Graph data mining.
  10. Performance comparison of NOSQL systems.

Some of our recent projects (over the past 10 years) have included the following:

  1. Data modeling of bioinformatics data.
  2. Energy-efficient data collection from sensor networks.
  3. Ontology extraction from Web pages.
  4. Mapping between XML (tree model) and relational (flat model) data and extracting XML documents from relational databases.
  5. Efficient querying of XML data.
  6. Data fusion and data integration techniques for health monitoring.
Department of Computer Science and Engineering