student advice

What to do after reading a paper

We read a lot of papers. This is my standarized procedure for reading a paper such that the insight from it can be kept and spread.

Advice for the master students who want to do reserach in my lab

If you plan to pursue PhD after your master, it might be a good idea to experience research in my lab. If you plan to industry career, it might not.

Advice for the undergraduate students who consider the graduate school

If you are not sure, getting a SW job is okay. If you study AI by yourself for one or two years, you might consider applying for PhD program.

How to use your advisor

If you have a technical problem. Solve it on your own while producing shareable outcome. If you have a research idea, your advisor can help you evaluate whether it is intractable, already done, or trivial.

The HDILab culture

In HDILab, we learn by teaching. Do not study or work but create a sharable output. Be true to yourself.

AGI Research in HDILab

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) Research at Human Data Interaction Lab (HDILab)