paper review

Paper Summary: Online learning and generalization of parts-based image representations by non-negative sparse autoencoders

This paper presents an online autoencoder that produces non-negative sparse embedding.

Paper Summary: Universal Intelligence: A Definition of Machine Intelligence

This paper defines intelligence as an agent's ability to achieve goals in a wide range of environments. And authors present elegant mathematical formulation based on the concept of rewards and Kolmogorov complexity.

Paper Summary: An Immersive System for Browsing and Visualizing Surveillance Video

This paper presents HouseFly, which is an immersive video analytics platform where 3 years of videos from multiple camera can be shown as immersive video.

Paper Summary: A cortical sparse distributed coding model linking mini- and macrocolumn-scale functionality

This paper presents Sparsey model which uses sparse distributed coding or representation (SDR) to build a hierarchical classifier. The main idea is using familarity to control the randomness of representation. But the simplication poses limited applicability.

Paper Summary: AGI Preschool: A Framework for Evaluating Early-Stage Human-like AGIs

The main idea is using an environment that resembles a preschool. I think it is an improvement over other tests such as Turing test, College Student test, or 8th grader test. But it still does not answer how the agent acquire communication skill using human language.

Paper Summary: Mapping the Landscape of Human-Level Artificial General Intelligence

This paper shows an overview of AGI capabilities from developmental psychology, mathematical, physiological, and information processing perspectives. Also it discusses how to evaluate AGI using environments, tasks, and scenarios.