Paper Summary: Online learning and generalization of parts-based image representations by non-negative sparse autoencoders

This paper presents an online autoencoder that produces non-negative sparse embedding.

Paper Summary: Universal Intelligence: A Definition of Machine Intelligence

This paper defines intelligence as an agent's ability to achieve goals in a wide range of environments. And authors present elegant mathematical formulation based on the concept of rewards and Kolmogorov complexity.

Lecture Summary: AI-Horizons Colloquium by Yoshua Bengio

This lecture summarizies the current challenge of Deep Learning and a few approaches by Yoshua Bengio.

Paper Summary: A cortical sparse distributed coding model linking mini- and macrocolumn-scale functionality

This paper presents Sparsey model which uses sparse distributed coding or representation (SDR) to build a hierarchical classifier. The main idea is using familarity to control the randomness of representation. But the simplication poses limited applicability.

Human-Level Artificial Intelligence

A quest to program a robot that we can talk with it to ask many services like a human buttler